Fitneshop is a 100% Danish-owned online retailer of the popular and effective slimming tea from fitness facility. We were founded in 2014 and our existence was founded as the demand of slimming tea was something we knew about and had tried many kinds of slimming teas and have been disappointed each time – until we tried Fitne slimming tea.slanke te

Therefore, we have taken the most effective slimming tea from Thailand called Fitne. Those who have been in Thailand have probably encountered their advertising in one form or another, since it is an extremely popular slimming tea down there. Fitne slimming tea is made of senna leaves that grows mainly in Southeast Asia, where the leaves are handpicked, tøres and crushed to slim tea. Senna leaves have been used in århundrer for constipation in the stomach, and it is only recently that we’ve discovered that senna leaves have many other good effects, both as a cleansing of the body, and regulation of the body’s digestion and metabolism. Additionally, Senna leaves æstiske oils that are healthy for your skin, especially against acne. slimming tea

We value the quality very high on our Fitne slimming tea and we ensure that there is continuous control ranging from the raw materials to packaging have high quality all the way to your home. Therefore, we can also say that all our slimming product from Fitne meets the high requirements as the European Union, and is approved in Denmark. slanke te

Fitne slimming tea are among the best products with good tolerance for the body, making our products to high end quality among slimming health food.

Fitneshop’s mission is to be the leading health slim diet vendor offering healthy, natural and healing products. Fitneshop want health and wellness for the whole family.

The platform for this is the quality – both in terms of product quality, product range, delivery speed and service. Our values are accountability, empowerment, respect and honesty.