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Original Delicious slimming and detox tea with blackcurrant fruit flavor (NEW)

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Nice and tasty news from Fitné. Now you can get in shape with this delicious blackcurrant flavored slimming tea which also comes in a handy zip lock packaging. Fitné tea helps you boost your weight loss, cleanses your body from impurities and leaves you with a better overall well-being.

The blackcurrant fruit is known for its antioxidants, which helps to keep your skin young and fresh. Mixed with Fitné’s tea’s herbs you are not only getting a tasty tea but also a slimming tea which gives you a slimming effect as well. A cleansing of the body gives you the advantage to release the body from impurities and give you a boost in the right direction towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

ZIP package with Black currant flavor and with 15 teabags.

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Original herbal infusion slimming tea

Fitné’s products are known to give consumers a better and healthier lifestyle without being a costly burden. The tea itself can replace many nutritional supplements and give you more energy to cope with your everyday life and journey towards a slimmer you.

For Fitne tea:

Pour boiling water into a glass and add 1 letter Fitne Tea in the glass, let it soak 15-20 minutes, after which it can be drunk. Should be taken in the evening before bedtime for constipation. Acts in the long term slimming through the excretion of excess fat in the tarmen.Vi recommends drinking two cups a day, to obtain the best effect, which can be stepped up / down as needed.
You will see the effect after consistent use after 2-3 days. The extent of the impact will vary individually because everyone has different metabolic engine of the body. Therefore, the amount of weight loss varies greatly from person to person.

For Fitne coffee:

Pour boiling water in a glass to the contents of 1 sachet fitness f. Stir. May be divided into 2 cups of adding plain black coffee, if you want to avoid it is too sweet.
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Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use the product. Patients with diabetes, intestinal or heart disease should talk to their doctor before starting a diet, it also applies to the use of the fitness facility. One should not exaggerate the use of Fitne as dieting, as there is a tendency to occur habit formation. Repeated cures (as described above) should not exceed 3 months. After 3 months of use, the body should have a break not to be resistance to the tea, and after a break of 5-6 weeks, the cure can be resumed. For some it may cause affect the stool, and the nuisance should be a break of 14 days before the cure resumed. Remember, eat healthy and vary your diet and avoid 'unhealthy' food.