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Delicious Chrysanthemum detox tea with slimming effect

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As soon as you start consuming the tea on a regular basis, you will start to notice that your skin becomes much smoother, rejuvenated and younger looking. Chrysanthenum tea also has a positive effect on acne which makes the tea perfect for both dieting as well as beauty purposes.
This new product is still with the same high quality from Fitné and with a better price.

This zip package contains 15 teabags.

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Cleansing slimming tea with chrysanthemum from Fitne

A nice fragrant slimming tea which not only gives tea lovers a good aromatic flavor, but also boosts your general well being. The tea also gives you the needed detox, making you feel more energetic and fresh throughout your busy daily life.
Chrysanthemum is a fragrant flower widely used in Asia to provide tea drinkers a healthy and delightful experience. The flower is known to have a cleansing and slimming effect. The tea can either be enjoyed during dinner for better digestion or before you go to bed without having it disturb your sleep.

For Fitne tea:

Pour boiling water into a glass and add 1 letter Fitne Tea in the glass, let it soak 15-20 minutes, after which it can be drunk. Should be taken in the evening before bedtime for constipation. Acts in the long term slimming through the excretion of excess fat in the tarmen.Vi recommends drinking two cups a day, to obtain the best effect, which can be stepped up / down as needed.
You will see the effect after consistent use after 2-3 days. The extent of the impact will vary individually because everyone has different metabolic engine of the body. Therefore, the amount of weight loss varies greatly from person to person.

For Fitne coffee:

Pour boiling water in a glass to the contents of 1 sachet fitness f. Stir. May be divided into 2 cups of adding plain black coffee, if you want to avoid it is too sweet.
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Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use the product. Patients with diabetes, intestinal or heart disease should talk to their doctor before starting a diet, it also applies to the use of the fitness facility. One should not exaggerate the use of Fitne as dieting, as there is a tendency to occur habit formation. Repeated cures (as described above) should not exceed 3 months. After 3 months of use, the body should have a break not to be resistance to the tea, and after a break of 5-6 weeks, the cure can be resumed. For some it may cause affect the stool, and the nuisance should be a break of 14 days before the cure resumed. Remember, eat healthy and vary your diet and avoid 'unhealthy' food.