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Fitne tea contains vital ingredients that can provide an extensive combustion of nutrients. These nutrients are, if they come directly from plant sources, especially well utilized by the body, so that the deficit in the supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be compensated.
Fitne products contain as many nutrients which are as natural as possible.
Fitne is gluten-free, lactose-free, pollution-free and manufactured under the Act without the use of genetic engineering.

The fitne contains, among other Senna leaves and seeds (Cassia Angu stifolia), which is a natural odor laxative. These leaves were used as early as the 6th century in Arab countries to give people who had stomach upsets a solution. The use of the leaves from Senna plant anywhere in the East, and it is regarded as a natural product that can help with many ailments.
In Thailand, it is used by both the Thai-boxers and younger women to ensure a beautiful body, since it separates a portion of the calories taken up by fat diet (oil frying food) thereby removed before all of the nutrients are absorbed by the intestine. The factory, which makes Fitne tea and coffee, have strict controls had improved its production to meet the EU quality standards. Checks that the products comply package declarations, and work much on using only organic ingredients. In the following, some descriptions of the substances included in the products.

Is a protein which promote the uptake of the muscles enerrgi by improving cellekernernes ability to receive blood sugar. The substance is well known in fitness circles, since it is often included in products that are used in fitness centers. L-carnitine is extracted from the fish, and is a completely natural product.

This is again a supplement to the body, which is used in ftiness centers. Whey protein is a simple supplements that help build muscle mass. Whey protein is derived from ordinary milk, and is therefore a natural dietary supplement without side effects.

Soybean is the plant's largest protein supplier. Especially in Asia (and Thailand) is the prevalent eating vegetable protein from soybeans in the form of "TOFU" that is beginning to occur in European dishes. Soy protein replaces completely meat products with regard to inject the protein the body needs, and is grown organically in Asia.

The ingredients in most fitne facility products are purely natural raw materials that can be absorbed without risk and utilized by the body during pregnancy. But a consultation with the attending physician is clearly a sensible action to do before starting on a diet.

Yes, but everything in moderation. Follow the general instructions to your diet in diabetes, and ask your dietician if you can start a diet without problems. Fitne inter alia coffee, sweetened with an alternative to sugar, and contains many slimming fibers. Diabetes patients (2) is often invited to lose weight.

In general, Fitne products only ingredients that can be beneficial also for children, but when supplements are intended for adults, there must be special reasons to let children take slimming agents. Contact your pediatrician or family doctor. Fitneshop would not recommend the use without medical advice.

Substances with known allergy potential is not used in Fitne. If there is a risk of developing allergy, this will be listed on the package. People who have milk allergies should avoid products with whey protein, as this may cause side effects.

We humans are not equal in terms of consumption of food and beverages, and there is a difference in how well you tolerate the product's active ingredients. It is a good idea to try out smaller quantities in the beginning.
The recommended dosage on the package or leaflet for a daily dose should be strictly observed. A short additional supply of nutrients for a maximum of one to three times daily. There is no upper limit for intake of coffees while with Fitne The need to be aware that increased intake can sometimes cause unpleasant stomach pain in some users. Therefore, do not take more than 2-3 letters per. day.

Indeed, a combination may be quite useful, as the different fitness f dietary supplement helps the body in different ways. The recommended dose of each nutrient should not be exceeded.

With increased demand by physical exertion or changing life circumstances Fitne tea can be taken over a longer period of up to 3 months. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded, but as a rule you should not take more than about 2-3 weeks, after which it is recommended to take a break of 1-2 weeks before re-using. Read on the package, what is recommended for each product.

In times of high physical mental burdens consumer body more vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The additional supply of nutrients may be useful for, inter alia:
• smokers, who tend by their nicotine intake to lack of nutrients and the susceptibility to infection.
• Athletes who require an increased supply of nutrients to maintain their level of performance.
• Older people or people who eat an unbalanced diet.

The quality of the products is confirmed by the fitness f positive Ökotest awards. The products are formed according to the environmental and ecological criteria such as environmental sustainability and free of contaminants.

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